What A Difference It Makes!

What A Difference It Makes!

Posted by Nicky J on Aug 21st 2021

I am back after a long stressful disaster of a life change. I did not realize how much dealing with poisonous family members can ruin your health. The constant state of battle really can do a number on you mentally and physically. From weight gain, migraines, and blood pressure to feeling lost and depressed wondering if the life that used to be quiet and calm was ever real. It almost makes you never want to reach out a helping hand ever again.

I had to do a lot of soul searching to be able to let go of the manipulation and game playing that constantly went on around me. You may think I am talking about a man or woman, some type of significant other that I am dating or married to, but no not at all. I am talking about people mostly relatives, family members, and friends that you reach a handout to help and all they do is stab you straight in the back. They continually behave in an ungrateful manner and act like you owe them the world when you owe them nothing. Let’s be honest we pass a lot of people that need help and the only reason we do it is out of our hearts.

Well, what can you do? The answer will surprise you. Start involving the police especially if you know you are being coned. Even if you think you won’t be able to prove it. They will take and file reports and over time you can add to it. Eventually, you will have enough to get the person to leave your life. Watching television and all the things that go on can put you off to the police especially if you’re in a minority group. I have to say the police were a God send in my situation. I honestly do not know what I would do without their help.

The police helped my family out so much I am so grateful. The officers I have dealt with prove that there are some really good, caring officers that are not trigger happy and genuinely want to help. We kept close contact and documented everything that happened with them. They gave us useful advice and guidance until we had enough evidence put together to have the person escorted safely out of our home with no incident. Yes, there are officers that come to your home and do not cause a ruckus.

It has been some weeks since that incident and I tell you my health and vitality has returned. I am even noticing my sense of humor coming back. I know the news is bombarded with stories of horrible police officers, and my husband and I have personally encountered one. In that case there was another officer that stopped his fellow coworker from harassing my husband. This is not a blog about the bad cop that lost his mind one day at the park. This is about the great ones that helped us out of a bad situation. I am grateful to those officers, and I want to thank God for the good ones that are out there risking their lives to help people every day.

All work environments have good and bad people. Unfortunately, we only focus on the crazy ones. The good ones get lost in the shuffle. I hope no one ever has to go through anything crazy that would cause the police to be involve. I wish you all a calm peaceful life.