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The Unlove Note And The Product Of The Week

The Unlove Note And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Feb 21st 2021

Your personality is like a sharp razor blade that leaves small cuts on smooth delicate skin.

Your eyes are the color of feces and when you look deep within no soul resides.

People shutter at the sight of the burning flames of hell that crackle inside your flesh.

When you open your mouth, you spew out venom that could cripple the strongest of men.

Never again will I be fooled by those pretty little lies.

Never again will I listen to your fantastic tales of woe.

Never again will I turn my back and feel your knife jabbing my soul.

Never again will I fall for your crocodile tears.

Thoughts of vengeance reel around in my mind.

Anger and hate grow slowly inside and all I can do is sit and wait.

Praying for God to lift of this dead weight.

Free me from this dramatic hysteria. Life is too short for all this mellow drama.

The product of the week is the feed me eco tote. Stop using grocery bags that end up in the trash. Look stylish while saving the environment. Live life out loud with Cyrof.