The Uncanny Counter Greatest Show Ever

The Uncanny Counter Greatest Show Ever

Posted by Nicky J on Oct 10th 2021

I never review television shows, but this show had me on the edge of my seat. I love it!! This Netflix series will have you riding up and down on an emotional roller coaster you won't want to get off.

The show is a dramedy full of action and suspense. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger making it hard for you to get off the couch and go about your daily chores. It takes everything in my power to turn off the television at night and go to bed.

The characters are well rounded, and the show does a great job of delving into their personalities so you can really connect with them. The actors’ emotions look natural and real. You can really get drawn into their lives and miss them when you don't get to watch.

If you love fantasy television where humans walk between life and the afterlife this is the show to watch. The only drawback is the show is not dubbed in English. I didn't mind because it was so good, I am not annoyed by the subtitles. Check it out, and happy watching!