The Angry Poem And The Product Of The Week

The Angry Poem And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Nov 22nd 2020

This week I am feeling a bit poetic. I have been going through a range of emotions from happy to extremely angry. This has been a strange year it has left me very confused and I am looking forward to moving into the next year. I think 2021 will be much better, at least that is what I am telling myself. Before we go on to my version of poetry, the product of the week is the denim look joggers. Want the look of denim with lots of room to stretch? Get comfort and style with my denim look joggers and relax yourself into restful bliss.

If 2020 were a person this is what I would tell him or her. When I hear your voice, I am haunted by the memories of a whining cat. Your lack of joy thrust my mind into a living nightmare. For your face resembles that of a beautiful demon. As you walk by, I cringe as if fingernails were scraping across a chalkboard. Is it love? I think not. Is it hate? That is not quite hitting the right spot. Anger yes does play a role in this insidious tale of woe. You stare at us as if we were toys on a shelf. We wait and watch as one by one you play with our hearts and manipulate our minds.

You take us on long emotional roller coaster rides. Up and down, round and round I am getting dizzy. I want to get off. How long must I endure this farce? How much do I have to accept before I run screaming out the door? How much more do I take before I just drop on the floor? Mentally exhausted, tired, burned out on the edge of insanity. Oh, but your vanity. It refuses to allow you to see how much you have really hurt me. We walked through the year with ours eyes closed not wanting to see the long road ahead. I do not even know how we survived.

You have starved the very people you claim to love. You have deprived us of work, of laughter, and kept us under house arrest while you look down from above. At one point we were even deprived of simple items like toilet paper. How could you be so bold and brazen eating us alive like a fresh batch of raisins? We prayed and prayed and prayed some more searching for answers. Answers to unanswerable questions what did we really learn this year? Did you learn that life is precious? Did you learn not to waste time and energy on petty things. Have you learned that you were a better cook than you thought you were?

Well, 2020 was a year of reflection we rediscovered our loved ones and either loved them more or wondered when they would move away. We contemplated why we had children when all they do is launch unnecessary, exhausting wars on each other. They find away of turning nothing into world war three through ten. I am looking so forward to turning the page on this year, it has been a bittersweet nightmare. Hold your head up high because it may be long but not forever. We will survive.