So You Survived Your Trauma

So You Survived Your Trauma

Posted by Nicky J on Apr 3rd 2022

You had one hell of a year, and now you are beginning to feel like yourself again. You feel like you are ready to get back out and face the world, but are you really ready? Is your new mindset that of a drama loving nut that at the first perceived problem you will go off like a bomb? Maybe your feeling like the world is stupid and nobody can offer you sensible advice. You can hold your tongue when you perceive trouble, but things that didn’t bother you before are now beyond the realm of foolish. Maybe you put on blinders and have become oblivious to everything around you. Oops did I just step on a bird? Sorry didn’t see you there little fella.

Let’s have a look at one of my favorites, the drama lover. This personality is wildly popular on social media and reality television. It screams, “Hey there look at me”. A bold statement that proves you are lacking in common courtesy and have no clue on how to read social cues. Also, it shows how much you love to explode at the most inopportune times and consequences, dare I mention, are exciting. The ramifications that follow just induce even more dramatics’ as you pretend to be an innocent victim of circumstances rather than be caught in a web of your own creation. Nothing but social failure follows; is it worth the risk to be canceled, discarded, and trashed? Now we all know if you don’t take responsibility and apologize within the first 48 hours you will never live it down i.e. the slap heard around the world. Do I see anger management classes in the near future?

Maybe you wake up after you’ve healed yourself and believe the world is filled with lunatics. Even a simple typo in an email sets your eyes ablaze. I pray for the lost soul that dares to offer you any type of correction. Unsolicited advice will be met with the famous phrase “that’s so stupid.” It could be something as simple as you should invest in the 401k plan and that messenger must die. No matter how sensible the advice it will be met with anger and disdain. You must be very careful with this type of attitude. You may end up shutting down the very thing that progresses you past this mindset. In the end you will look like the foolish one.

Could blinders be a good thing? Imagine running around life totally oblivious to the things going on in the world. Would that bring peace and happiness? What if you never listen to anyone’s woe’s or listened to their long tails of anguish or depression? Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you just sat back and gave yourself a list of things to look forward too? Is happiness really a choice? Is it possible for someone to slap you in the face then stand there with a positive reaction? Take off the blinders, because no matter how much you ignore something, or throw kindness at it the beast will remain a beast. Best to stay grounded in reality.

Which of these are you after a trauma? None of them are bad. It’s just how we cope with incidents we can’t believe just happened. Personally I come back thinking the world is stupid, and I turn into a temporary hermit until I plan a vacation and realize the world still has a lot of bright spots. There will never be a perfect way to react and no one has the right to tell you how to feel. Just try and remember if you decide to be dramatic and explosive the trauma will only continue until you destroy your reputation and possibly your life. As far as blinders I don’t see a problem with pretending the world is perfect every now and then.