Reality TV, Why?

Reality TV, Why?

Posted by Nicky J on May 16th 2021

Reality television has gotten out of hand.

These television shows make women look so idiotic. These people cannot possibly be as wealthy and powerful as they are portrayed on these shows. Shouldn't people with money be more into culture, philanthropy, and travel. I thought they would be enjoying life and giving us a glimpse of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Instead, we get the ratchet, desperate, and oppressed. I have seen some of these people squander so much money that they lose everything on national television.

Where are the real wealthy women? The women that are actually happy to be housewives. The ones that really are satisfied with their pampered lives. We just get a bunch of messy women with no manners or resemblance of self-control. Their mentality seems to be stuck somewhere between elementary school and high school. Yet their resumes boast of wonderful accomplishments. Why are we not focusing on intellectual stimulation? Do producers believe society has been so dumb down that we would not appreciate someone who is interesting without mellow drama?

These shows are not even realistic I don't know anyone that would hang around a group of people they hate and smile in their face's. They would not even have each other as contacts in their phones. What really kills me is these women are supposed to be professionals. Do they even realize how silly they look? I have made attempts to watch a few of these shows, but I always stop after the first few episodes. I would love for someone to come up with a show about women that are interesting with friends they actually like. I want to see them live well, have some laughs, stay good friends and have it be genuine. There is no way that crazy is they only type of women you can find for TV. Help me out here if there is a petition to sign for a sensible woman reality show, please point it out to me. Watching women act childish and out of control on TV is really starting to get to me. It is an embarrassment.