Leaches And The Product Of The Week

Leaches And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Apr 11th 2021

They come marching slowly along the horizon. You can sense the negativity hanging heavily in the air. The leaches are near; you feel them sucking the life’s energy out of everything around you. “Give us your money, and all you own, you owe it to me because I‘m poor and alone.” You hear the chanting from the distance, and look around for a place to hide. Closer and closer they come, you fear you’re next on their list. Coming to take all that you have worked so hard for, you hear them nearer and nearer the pattering of their feet. “It’s not fair. It’s not fair, you don’t understand.” The most common words you hear before they begin the chain of excuses for their circumstance.

Closer and closer you can almost hear them breathe. The stench of their breath is left thick in the street. You know you must act fast to turn them away, or in your house you know they will stay. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks, the divine word that stops the leaches in their tracks. NO! Speak this word of strength and power that makes even the strongest leach quiver and cower. Protect your assets, you family, and your peace of mind from a combination of friends and family that have every intention of bamboozling you. With mouths open to devour you and hands unfolded to collect your wages. They are compelled by a proclivity toward negativity. The world scorns them and they are not responsible for, and have no part in their own demise.

“Give us your money we can’t survive on our own.” They chant as they delve into your pockets to relieve you of your substance.

“NO!” You yell with all of your might offering no other altercation. You stare through them and keep your expression forbidden.

“But we need your money, a room in your home, and your car.” They recite as a chorus you’ve heard a thousand times before.

“NO!” You bellow once again more forceful than before. “Get off your lazy ass and get a job. Make something of yourself, and stop jumping from house to house taking until you have left your host with nothing but the polluted air you blew in with.

“NO!” You say it loud and proud without guilt or remorse, because the leaches will never be motivated to do anything but drain the life’s blood and energy from your veins.

Hi everyone, for the product of the week I really want you to be on the lookout. In the next few weeks, I’ll be putting out some cute swim wear. Live life out loud with Cyrof!