Is It Staged Or Is It Reality?

Is It Staged Or Is It Reality?

Posted by Nicky J on Mar 28th 2021

I had a bout of indecision trying to determine whether I was going to blog about a reality show, or forever hold my peace. Normally I do not get so enthralled in foolishness, but I must release my pent-up anguish pertaining to Paige and Chris from Married at first site. I have concluded that It must be an act. There is no way on God’s green earth, a woman with Paige’s credentials would put up with the antics of a lunatic. Chris’s behavior is so terrible you cannot even attribute it to poor editing. The sheer audacity of the whole situation is ridiculous. It must be staged.

Which wife do you know would keep her sanity when her husband’s mistress is presented to her on a public forum? Which mistress is going to walk on to a stage and let all the world see her as a home wrecking jezebel? She then sat before the world composed as if her actions were justified. Both women seem quite lovely and intelligent, so I do not understand why they are in such a tizzy over an unstable man. A good vibrator will give them the same amount or more of a thrill than a man that plays women for fools.

I was also amazed that these two women have patients of steal. If I were in Paige’s shoes the day that woman walked on stage Chris would have needed emergency surgery. The doctors would be perplexed attempting to figure out how to get my shoe dislodged from his rectum. As a matter of fact, I would never have met with the mistress. There was nothing to discuss. What was really the point of that confrontation? Was there a competition between the two women to determine who could make the most foolish decision?

I also noticed the mention of God entangled in this series of unfortunate events. God neither planned nor ordained this mockery of a relationship. The minute Chris dropped the baby bomb Paige should have called it a day and thanked the network for her wonderful vacation. I do not know how much more of a warning sign you really need from God. I do believe the Lord was telling her to run. I personally would have gotten an annulment and put in a request for a new husband. Do they not have back up men on layaway or something? Surely, they could have run through the data base one more time. I hope they give her a second chance. I would like to see her get matched up with a really nice guy.

As far as Chris, he needs to go back to his ex-finance and marry her. If she put up with his tired antics for this long, then she is definitely the one for him. While engaged she can do some shopping and get her hair done while he figures out who he is. I honestly do not believe he knows what he wants out of life. The only thing he seems to do is focus on material things and what everyone else thinks instead of what he really wants and needs. In all actuality I believe this was staged, because no woman in her right mind would stick around while some strange man treats her like garbage on national television.