Indifference The Strangest Mood

Indifference The Strangest Mood

Posted by Nicky J on Sep 25th 2021

After you experience strong feelings off disdain you go directly into indifference. This is a head space that lacks emotion. I would describe it as a zombie like state where you neither like or dislike anything or anyone. Not even your favorite foods taste good anymore. Your hobbies become boring, and life becomes a repetitive fog.

Your just kinda floating through life wondering if the trauma you experienced was real. You look forward and lack vision, but when you look back all you see is craziness. You refuse to trust anyone or anything. Even the dog's moves seem rather suspicious. Did the cat purposely spill that milk so he can lick it off the floor? Then you roll your eyes and realize your absolutely nuts.

You consider yourself lucky if you had previous friends or family members that love and support you, because there is no way in hell you will trust anyone ever again. Sorry for you if you did not already have trust bonds established. You will be in for a long, lonely ride as you try and piece your life back together. Or should you? Should you really try and get back the part of yourself that you feel you have lost, or is it time to try something new?

Maybe this is a period where you just be still and enjoy the sweet silence that has eluded you for so long. Maybe it is time to just catch up on the sleep you lost. Rest your weary head and calm the mind, body, and spirit. Maybe indifference is the time needed to morn losses and recuperate until you are ready to jump back into life. This is the time need to protect your soul until you are strong enough to feel once again. Morn until you are willing to open your heart even though the bad may slip in again.