I Dare You  And The Product Of The Week

I Dare You And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Feb 28th 2021

I dare you to make an entrance so grand that people must look up to you with respect. I dare you to maneuver the room with confidence and grace then express your opinions with such voracity people hang on your every word. I dare you to stop generating excuses and lay the foundation for accomplishing your life’s goal. Move beyond your formulated plan, and complete the actual work that will bring it to life. I dare you to ignore the naysayers and become a success no matter what the dream.

I dare you to keep your composure and think before you react to a buffoon. I dare you to walk away and realize it takes more courage to leave a fight alive than stand in the midst of destruction without good cause. I dare you to become more than your surroundings, and surpass the expectations of others. I dare you to live above the stereotypes and not allow yourself to be labeled. I dare you to use your platforms to spread absolute joy, and terminate the hatred that runs so ramped in society. I dare you to look back, pull someone forward, and help them find their path.

I dare you to release your anger and bitterness, stop patronizing everyone you come into contact with, and show them a little kindness. I dare you to look beyond yourself, and find ways you can impact the world around you. I dare you to realize that it’s not the amount of material goods you consume that makes you great, it’s the time and energy you give to becoming the best version of yourself that makes you spectacular.

The product of the week is the plaid beach bag. Get ready to go on vacation in style with this big spacious bag. I dare you to turn off your cell phone and have a wonderful time!