Glad To See 2021 Leave

Glad To See 2021 Leave

Posted by Nicky J on Jan 2nd 2022

I am so happy to see 2021 and all the crazy people involved with it leave. Maybe I will be able to breathe in fresh air instead of smelling the stench of funky breath and stinky feet. Twenty twenty-two will be my year of peace. No longer will I tolerate low down dirty backstabbing or conversations filled with unnecessary attitude problems. As a matter of fact, as soon as I hear one glimmer of a sour note I am going to leave. Face your problems head on they say, well not me. Not this year, I am running. I’m putting on my Cyrof shoes and heading out the nearest exit.

I refuse to endure the rantings of verbal diarrhea that cascade from the lips of every nut the believes they are never wrong. No more will I poison my ears with the lies of a con artists that smiles in my face pretending to be sweet. I never want to experience this type of drama ever again. I have resigned myself to becoming a true hermit. Are short acquaintances necessary? I say no they are not. If you are a drama queen, why not find other drama filled people that you can lose your mind and participate in madness with? Don’t come over here and interfere with my circle of sanity. Your level of madness is like kryptonite trying to kill superman. If I had a cannon, I would shoot you back into outer space. I don’t believe drama queens really come from earth.

I am going to enjoy life with only the small circle of people I trust, which only consist of family members and people I’ve known for years. I'm tired of being angry, and I am going to laugh this year so long and hard that I make up for the last two nightmare years. I am determined to find the bright side of life again. If this means not listening to a soul, then so be it. Nobody should attempt to offer me advice or try and stand in my way. You would do better speaking to a rock than offer any type of unsolicited advice to me. The rock or nearest debris will have better listening skills and will offer you more time to run your mouth. As a matter of fact, any type of inanimate object will allow your mouth to run marathons. You will be able to cry oceans and throw the biggest, stupidest tantrum of your life without consequence.

IF IT DOESN'T MAKE ME LAUGH, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! I had to emphasize that point. I just can't this year. This is the year I will do as I please. I think the only place I will be cooperative is at work. Hope this new year becomes a wonderful change for all of you! Happy New Year!! Welcome 2022!