Foolishness More Poetry in Motion

Foolishness More Poetry in Motion

Posted by Nicky J on Jun 27th 2021

How did you get caught up in so much foolishness? All the dramatics that surround you are absolutely ridiculous. You were not even there. You were nowhere in sight. So how did your name enter this silly fight?

You happen to be sitting in a crowd having lively conversation? Snacking and stuffing your face while sipping libation. How were you chosen for the target of the blame? It is not like your name is synonymous with fame.

I guess sometimes people get bored and have nothing to do. They think and pace and turn their interest on to you. Their thoughts run away to fantastic realms. Foregoing reality allowing the mind to run wild. Feeling more and more like you are dealing with a grown child.

It will blow over it always does. Within a few days there will be new gossip, new drama,and new misadventure. Hang on to your hats its right around the corner the next big drama for us to sip tea. On the other hand, let us pack our bags and just flea.