Disruption And The Product Of The Week

Disruption And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Mar 21st 2021

You just reached out of the sky and inserted yourself into my serenity. Shredding it like a pile of wasted paper, your voice pitched to the tone of the highest C breaks the glass of peace that was so fragile surrounding me. With calm I release you back into your world of brutality and chaos offering you but a small slice of kindness. Hoping that offering will keep you at bay, but alas you return the very next day to reek havoc on the sensitive nerve endings in my mind. Setting them a blaze, they grow into an inferno fanned by the large quantities of hot blistering oxygen released from the depths of your bowels. Once again with calm I release you back into your realm of destruction and despair and attempt to piece together the shards of glass that once was my salvation.

Just when I believe all is well and great you rush into my space wild, out of control, and your mind shattered. You spew more foolery, even more simpleminded than before. You use your tongue to lash me, and displease the very nature of my soul. Anger pinches my stomach I can feel it growing stronger with every word. It consumes me and my eyes begin to blaze. The fire burns so bright you become nothing but a haze. You don’t even see how far you’re pushing. My teeth are clenched, my fist are beginning to form. I search my mind for an ounce of kindness, but only find a small sliver of hate waiting for the chance to germinate. I must get rid of you before I give in to the monstrous passion to do you in.

“Leave and never return!” I scream “For in my hatred you will surely burn!”

“I will not until you hear me out. I will yell and scream and I will shout.” replies the disruption

“Speak your peace. What do you need to say? I don’t know how much longer I can allow you to stay.” I take a deep breath and prepare to listen.

Nothing but nonsense I roll my eyes in response to the silliness I hear. As the disruption speaks I drift off to a place of happiness and peace. I hear no more words, I feel only pacification. I have no idea what’s being said. I only know that in a few moments she will be long gone, and everything done and put to bed.

The product of the week it the red lace pull over dress. This form fitting, sexy little number can be dressed up or down. Sexy, comfortable style, live life out loud with Cyrof