Destruction And The Product Of The Week

Destruction And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Apr 4th 2021

You tried to destroy me, but you did not succeed. You used your words to cut me like a knife, and I refused to bleed. Who do you think you are with your false smile, false joy, and offering nothing but false friendship? You tell me how much you love me yet you presume true every hideous innuendo that anyone proliferates. You say you think I’m beautiful and at the same time reveal your ambition to rip the hair from my head. You say you want to pray for me when you really wish me dead. Pray for yourself and ask the Lord to take your heart off the shelf. Put it back in your chest positioned where it belongs. Then maybe your personality wouldn’t be so wrong. You continually prod and you pick until everyone around you feels sick.

Why are you so absorbed in what others do? Focus on yourself and figure out how to fix you. Stop hiding in the shadows whispering my name. You think I don’t know that you’re playing a game? On the contrary it is not me you’re fooling. I’ll let you stand next to me and flash all your teeth, but believe me I know everything that you tweet. No matter what you do or how far you go, I will never descend to a place so low. You will never turn my family or my real friends against me for they will stand by me until the end. What makes you think you’re so important to my life? You are so easily forgotten when you’re not around? Oh how I wish you were homeward bound.

You try to convince me you cherish me like kin, but you lie so blatantly. Why commit such a sin? Are you really close to your family, or do they endure the same anger and disdain? You’re smiling in their faces and filling their hearts with so much pain. You don’t know anything about me, nothing at all. All you do is spread lies and try and trap people in your web. No one really cares about what you’ve done or said. The only thing you’ve accomplished in this life so far is show me how much you hate me and leave me with scars.

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