Beauty And The Product Of The Week

Beauty And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Feb 7th 2021

Pretty as a picture, but your heart is as dark as the night

Your smile is so gorgeous your teeth bright white

Spending your whole life living a charade

Not liking or understanding the friends that you’ve made

Their so cool you think; they look good hanging around

Not daring to be you; not willing to make a sound

You must be careful what you say, how you think, and act

Go against the grain and they will drop you and that’s a fact

The outside is all they care about they will never see your grief

They blow in and out of your life like the wind and a leaf

You keep them at arm’s length a far off distance

They don’t notice or care and don’t acknowledge your existence

You don’t mind they require no love, trust, or emotion

You have them in your life without much commotion

But who can you to talk to when your world is upside down

No one there for you when your emotions cause you to drown

Wrapped in darkness and emptiness in silence you suffer

In anger and bitterness you get rougher and tougher

You build up walls around you for protection

Knowing your heart will never be open for deeper inspection

I was clearing out some of my old folders and ran across this poem I wrote some years ago. I decided to repost it on my shop.  I hope you enjoyed it. The product of the week is the simple black T.  This can be worn anywhere. It will look good under a blazer and lounging around the house. Live life out loud with Cyrof!