Anger And The Product Of The Week

Anger And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Jan 10th 2021

Anger is a force of destruction that is capable of dragging you and your enemy into a bottomless pit of darkness. It stains your soul, and wreaks havoc on the mind causing delusional thoughts. Anger has the potential to grow hotter, out of control, and develop into rage. Daily life can trigger these thoughts, because of the unfairness, lack of respect, and the maliciousness of strange people on social media.

You wonder how you survive just getting up in the morning without punching the first person you see. How do people even have the nerve to come in your face, insult you and expect you to offer them love and friendship? Do you notice that when you decide to drop them like a hot potato all of a sudden they become sweet as sugar? Guilt drives them to kiss your ass in a hope to pull you back into the web of lies that they weaved around themselves.

Don’t be fooled, because if you keep fraternizing with these people you will become as angry and bitter as they are. You will start to live a lie pretending your life is perfect when all you really want to do is scream. Let them go even if you think you will miss them. The cure for all your angst is to get out and do something you love, something that brings you joy. Put the dead beats in the past and turn the present and the future into the life you want to live.

I am dealing with this right now and I am so done with this roller coaster ride. Trust me when I say do not waste your breath, or any tears for people who would see you as less than the dirt beneath their feet. Do not allow them to ridicule you because they are angry at someone they can not touch. Yes, on average the anger and contempt they inflict has nothing to do with you. My friend you are just the target. Your kindness appears as weakness, when truly it is your strength. Try not to allow these people to damage your positive, loving nature. Remove them from your life and keep going forward.

Last week I asked you to stay tuned for two weeks for the release of the new products. One week left to go. I hope your New year starts out wonderful. Thanks for supporting this blog I know its random, but so are my thoughts.