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Aggravation And The Product Of The Week

Aggravation And The Product Of The Week

Posted by Nicky J on Jan 24th 2021

Yes, the poet in me is still on the loose. Lean back and enjoy. You never know when I will switch up again.

Aggravation is the result of endless irritation from someone or something that is annoying you death. Sometimes you are the cause of our own aggravation. You walk about the place endlessly hurling insults at yourself wondering why no one wants to be in your presents. You pout and whine and act as if the whole world is supposed to bow down and cater to your every whim. Maybe some look into your sad eyes and are fooled by the look of sweet innocence, but I see you.

I see the malice that lurks behind those big pretty eyes. I hear the sound of darkness hidden in those sweet little lies. You know you didn’t really do all that work. You know you stole it and you’re behaving like a jerk. That’s ok continue to brag in the end the truth will come out; and every one you stabbed in the back will scream and shout.

“Yes you did it! You’re a thief! Give us back our words; we will not stop shouting and forever we’ll be heard!” The people will demand, and your name will become as attractive as mud.

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